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Market research and market intelligence in UAE, specialized for your need

Aware of our clients’ unique identities, circumstances and needs, we execute every project from scratch: our philosophy is that every client requires a customized solution. As opposed to force-fitting previous market knowledge and findings into a general framework or strategy template – we meticulously craft a specialized Market Approach – whether it is for the Dubai/Abu Dhabi market, China, Thailand or Indonesia market -- to address each of our client’s particular needs and circumstances.

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Renowned and evident skills, seasoned with UAE flavor

Our professional team is comprised of consultants from each of the markets we operate in and seasoned global executives armed with specific language skills, industry knowledge, and cultural understanding in the marketplace to equip our clients with the right advice and business strategies. We responsibly execute our projects in-house and never outsource our work to other parties. The vast-majority of our world-class team of expert consultants are fluent in multiple languages – whether it’s English, Chinese, Bahasa, German, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, or Arabic – to ensure we have an ear to the local ground. Solidiance maintains the highest standards of quality, timeliness, and confidentiality needed by our clients. We comply with a set of strict regulations for NDA and legal agreements determined by our headquarters in Singapore.

UAE commercial insights and actionable market intelligence

Solidiance employs a team of multilingual management consultants with proven track records and experience in the relevant disciplines and markets to credibly collect factual insights, provide reliable business analysis, and develop strategies that work in the marketplace. We don’t rely on secondary research, but instead focus most of our attention on primary research utilizing our established networks to conduct face-to-face interviews with industry experts and key stakeholders at the executive and senior management level. Equipped with the right insights, our teams will conduct market analysis, identify growth opportunities, and work with our clients to develop the necessary strategies. .

what market analyst UAE do

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