Market Research Dubai: Unlock Large-Scale Opportunities in the Capital of UAE's Economy

Dubai is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the capital of Abu Dhabi. It is located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula and in the southwest corner of the Arabian Sea, occupying an area of 4.114 sqm. Dubai has the biggest population in the UAE, estimated at around 3.39 million as of January 2020.

Contradictory to the popular notion, Dubai does not have an oil-based economy. The limited oil resources that it gained during the 1960s and 1990s were used to boost many aspects of the economy by developing physical infrastructure. Built on the back of the oil and real estate boom, Dubai is now known as the globalized financial hub of the UAE. The city is also an important trade and tourism destination, with its port, Jebel Ali, at the heart of export trade in the Middle East. With the establishment of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) in 2004, Dubai established as a regional hub for service industries such as IT and finance.

In the 1990s, Dubai started to diversify, expanding its luxury tourism, real estate, and financial industries. These all required professional, trained foreign workers, and many came to Dubai for their tax-free wages and fairly stable politics. With expatriates arriving from many areas of the Arab world as well as from Africa, Europe, and North America, the city took on a rather cosmopolitan feel and was known to be one of the most egalitarian cultures in the region. Currently, more than 90% of Dubai's industrial activities cover logistics, logistics, financial services, hospitality and accommodation, real estate, building, and manufacturing.

In addition to its productive infrastructure, Dubai has developed economic policies and a regulatory system that has rendered it a lucrative place for more than 20,000 foreign companies to operate. The Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 aims to improve the manufacturing sector in order to generate more opportunities for Emiratis. These involve 75 primary projects to raise sales of up to US$ 44 billion, build 27,000 jobs, and boost exports by US$ 4 billion by 2030. The six focus sectors of the industry listed are aerospace, aluminum and fabricated goods, food and beverage, machinery and equipment, maritime and pharmaceutical equipment, and medical equipment.

Capturing Value From the Core With Market Research Dubai

Market Research Dubai is an innovative business consulting and market research firm focused on the Middle East region, including Dubai. We provide our clients with the best blueprints for evaluating business prospects by identifying the sector, benchmarking rivals, analyzing sales networks, and potential joint projects. We believe in a hands-on strategy and we want to support our customers with personalized services.

Dubai Business Consulting firm

Our team of consultants and executives is multi-cultural and globally recognized. All of our consultants have worked in diverse international settings which make them perfect for the most challenging tasks. At Market Research Dubai, you can find experts in all key industry fields, such as telecommunications, media, financial services, energy, automotive, and healthcare. We keep our clients updated with our work, thus we do regular check-ups on all projects.

Dubai has become a crucial destination for businesses seeking to establish a strong footprint in the Middle East region. Our team Market Research Dubai has the best know-how and skills to help companies succeed in the capital of the UAE’s economy. Numerous opportunities are now wide open to growing in the Emirate, and we can help your business achieve successful and sustainable economic growth by having the right strategy to succeed in the Dubai market.