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Market Research Dubai

By Market Research UAE | Posted May 8, 2019

Market Research Dubai aims to help clients to grow and expand their businesses in Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Our dedicated consultants are capable to highlight the challenges and opportunities in the Emirate’s key industries and help clients to enter Dubai’s market as well as create profitable and sustainable growth for their companies.

Market Research Dubai Services

We are a B2B advisory firm which deliver evidence-based market strategies in Dubai and trusted by multinational Fortune 500 companies. To serve each of our client’s specific challenges and barriers to success in the marketplace, our team are equipped with tailored market knowledge, analysis, insights and strategic recommendations. To ensure our clients’ decisions are made timely and well-informed, we are committed in supporting our clients’ understanding of the market in which they compete in. The repeat rate of our client has resulted in over 90%, supported by our partnership work with our clients which make your success is our success.
Our team of professional consultants are equipped with extensive project experiences across various sectors and industries locally in Dubai and regionally across the Gulf Cooperation Council. The related industries covered by our team includes, but not limited to: industrial, financial, oil and gas, high tech and electronics, chemical, food and beverages, media and entertainment, telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, and agricultural. The team of Market Research Dubai are well-trained to be adept and resourceful in gathering insights directly from customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the marketplace. Our experts then analyze, as well as develop these insights to create actionable and sustainable business strategies.

Market Research Dubai executes all projects in-house and our work method is straightforward, that is to get the work done in the field, extracting relevant information from key stakeholders and experts in the marketplace. Not only getting insights and analysis from our own experts and consultants, we also ensure all insights are cross-checked and verified by our established networks in the industry on the ground. Our approach help to ensure that we are interpreting and analyzing something more than data by providing strategic insights based on direct findings in real-time.

We offer leading, professionally dependable market-research services and market strategies for our clients, inclusive of market-sizing, competitor-profiling, business-model testing, policy and regulatory assessments, customer segmentation, site-selection, and evaluation of investment, joint-venture, or distributor partnerships in various industries located in the Emirate. Our clients apply our research to market studies, competitive analysis exercises, new product introductions, customer interviews, acquisition search and due diligence, market entry and positioning, opportunity identification, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation. We help our clients to improve their business outcomes, reduce uncertainties about new and existing markets, and ensure that we are optimizing their strategic position in Dubai.

Located in the Arabian Desert on the coast of Persian Gulf, Dubai is a home to over three million population within its 4,114 sq km area. Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with full potential business and investment opportunities with a highly competitive market. It is a global city and business hub of the Middle East, as well as a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Moreover, Dubai is also a hub for service industries with its industry-specific free zones throughout the city, as the Emirate accounted for 30% of 160 free zones in the Middle East.

The government of Dubai is currently transforming the city to cut its oil and trade dependency by diversifying its economy. Dubai has been investing heavily in other industries to make its trade-based and oil-reliant economy into one that is more service and tourism-oriented.

Through the Market Intelligence service of Market Research Dubai, our team will provide market sizing, and segmentation, industry analysis, customer segmentation, and channel management. Our market intelligence services are offered as the assessment of the market data gathered in-house, combined with Dubai marketplace insights in discovering new consumer trends and competitors. Market Research Dubai will help to anticipate the fast shift market demands and profile emerging competitive threats, before the product life cycle catches up with our clients’ businesses.

As for Market Entry service, the team of Market Research Dubai offers market analysis and market entry-strategy, site locations analysis, product and pricing strategy, alliances, joint ventures, M&A and licensing, as well as suppliers, outsources and distributors search. Through this service we will analyze relevant factors which must be considered when deciding the viability of our clients’ entry into Dubai market.

Additionally, for Competitive Intelligence service, our team will provide clients with competition analysis, best practices benchmarking, competitor blind spots, as well as track existing and upcoming competition. Through this service, we ensure that our clients will gain strategic advantage by discovering competitors’ blind spots, improving on others’ successes, as well as leveraging unaddressed opportunities. By comparing our clients’ business’ capabilities, structures, customer benefits and processes against competitors, our team work to identify room for our clients’ growth. Moreover, we also analyze the customers’ buying trends for strategic input in new products development, along with real product testing with targeted customers in gaining direct and valuable insights.

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