Tap the opportunities and establish the right strategy to meet the growing demand and thrive in the UAE healthcare and pharmaceutical market.

UAE Healthcare Consulting
UAE Medical Market Research
UAE is leading the region. Healthcare sector is rapidly expanding to meet the demand from the growing population. Healthcare expenditures is projected to reach USD 21.3 billion by 2021. The country is also aiming to become regional medical tourism hub, as by 2018, it is listed as one of the top 20 medical tourism destinations worldwide.

Pharmaceutical market is also expected to reach USD 2.84 billion in sales by 2021. Although the country still imports the vast majority of the products, the pharmaceutical exports are also anticipated to grow to USD 3.13 billion by 2020.

Market Research UAE provides healthcare and pharmaceutical advisory services in the UAE market across different areas, including healthcare digitalization, hospital information system & IT, pharmaceuticals, hospital & clinics, patient monitoring intelligent, medical devices, as well as insurance. We will identify the best strategic plans to secure top-line growth and succeed in the market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

UAE Market Intelligence

Clients will be provided evidence-based insights resulted from our practical experiences. Combined with the UAE marketplace insights, We help them to anticipate change sin market demand and competition landscape.

UAE Market Entry

We measure some considerable choices to reduce financial uncertainty by giving relevant informations on competitors, customers, cannles, partners, and many more.

UAE Competitive Intelligence

Through our comprehensive on the local UAE market competition, we make sure that our client will get strategic advantage through the untapped opportunities, blind spots and room for growth in the market.

UAE Customer Intelligence

Our professional team provides analysis of buyers' persona to see their buying trends, demographic and behavior to give strategic input in the creation of new products.

Our Success Stories

Feasibility & Growth Strategy for a Building Materials Company in the GCC

Developing a feasibility and growth strategy for one of the largest European building materials company to increase presence in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Global Construction Materials Player Manufacturing Plant Feasibility Study

Conducting a feasibility study for a global construction materials company to enter the GCC market.



digital payment in abu dhabi
Abu Dhabi Pay: Digital Payment Platform to Accelerate E-Government Services

Abu Dhabi is looking to accelerate its digital transformation. residents now can make payments for all types of government services through online platform, called ‘Abu Dhabi Pay’.

uae to be first arab country to pursue nuclear power
UAE to Be the First Arab Country to Pursue Nuclear Power

The United Arab Emirates has started to operate its highly anticipated nuclear power plant.

uae to become a global hub for renewable energy
UAE to Become a Global Hub for Renewable Energy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming one of the world’s leading hubs, producing and developing alternative energy sources, as well as devising technologies related to the industry.

healthcare management consulting firm uae
Healthcare Management Consulting Firm UAE

Healthcare Management Consulting Firm United Arab Emirates (UAE) helps clients in capturing the healthcare market of the UAE.

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