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Explore this ever-changing market in the UAE. Retail market in the UAE is projected to grow at more than a CAGR of 4.5% in the 2019-2024 period. Rising GDP per capita, development of online retail market, increasing infrastructure projects for small and large-scale retail, as well as decreasing dependency on oil-based economic activities are among the main drivers that drive the industry.

Along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE is projected to account for around 77% of the region's retail sales in the next five years. Moreover, the country also ranked fifth among the top ten retail destinations in the world.

Our team at Market Research UAE will support you to capture the extensive opportunities in the market across various areas, including digitization, digital wallet and marketplace as well as social networking service. Our expert team is dedicated to guide clients in identifying changes of buyers' needs and thriving in the market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

UAE Market Intelligence

We get to provide evidence-based insight based on our practical business experiences. Clients will be guided to anticipate changes in market demand and emergence of market challenges, supported by our UAE marketplace insights.

UAE Market Entry

We weigh some considerable options in order to minimize financial uncertainty for clients by collecting market informations on customers, channels, partners, competitors, suppliers, and other relevant data.

UAE Competitive Intelligence

We make extensive analysis on the local market competition and learn from best practices to reduce costly omissions and reinventions. Strategic advantage is guaranteed for our clients through the discovery of competitors' blind spot as well as untapped market opportunities.

UAE Customer Intelligence

Our expert team will examine the buying trends, demographic and behavior of the customers through their persona and contribute to the development of new products.

Our Success Stories

Feasibility & Growth Strategy for a Building Materials Company in the GCC

Developing a feasibility and growth strategy for one of the largest European building materials company to increase presence in the GCC.


Our Success Stories

Global Construction Materials Player Manufacturing Plant Feasibility Study

Conducting a feasibility study for a global construction materials company to enter the GCC market.



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